Paul R Williams grave marker

Paul Revere Williams dies January 1980

In January Paul Revere Williams dies in a Los Angeles Hospital at the age of 85. He is survived by his wife Della, his daughters and grandchildren. 

Though he retires in 1973 from the day-to-day activities of architecture, his firm continues for a number of years. (Jet. February 14, 1980)

Tributes to Williams in the news

Los Angeles Sentinal, January 31, 1980

"The cover of the all white program carried the initials PRW impressively embossed in gold. Nothing else. Paul R. Williams...was a very private person. He was eulogized at his beloved First A.M.E Church in quiet dignity. Everything was planned to perfection, just as he would have had it."

Los Angeles Times, January 28, 1980

"When he died Wednesday at age 85 Williams left behind thousands of silent monuments to his artistic skills."

Chicago Tribune, January 30, 1980

"The glorious life of one of my childhood heroes ended last week. But I felt no tendency to mourn his passing. I weep only for those—particularly the young—who never knew about the achievements of this man."  Vernon Jarrett, writer for the Tribune