First AME Church, Los Angeles

Biddy Mason Dies

At the time of her death Biddy Mason, a former slave born in 1818, is one of the largest real estate holders in Los Angeles. She helps found the First AME Church in the city and contributes to many charitable causes.

In 1964 Williams, a member of the First AME Church, contributes plans for the new building pictured.


Wainwright Building, St. Louis

The U-shaped Wainwright Building, a ten-story office building in downtown St. Louis, is constructed using a steel skeleton. The exterior is finished with elaborate red brick and terracotta. This embellished exterior is similar to Paul R. Williams' treatment of the Edwin Building in 1928. The Wainwright Building is designed by the Chicago firm Sullivan and Adler. 

Wainwright Building
Wainwright Building
Wainwright Building, detail
Wainwright Building, detail
Elevation and section of a bay, Monadnock Block

Monadnock Block

Monadnock Block in Chicago is one of the tallest and last buildings constructed of solid masonry. This wall-bearing building with cast iron columns did not use steel framing, which would become a standard for tall building construction.