Decade at a Glance

Only 76,000,000 Americans live in 46 states. The average life expectancy for white men and women is 47. African Americans live an average of 33 years.

The horse and buggy is slowly replaced by the automobile. Nationally there are 8000 automobiles traveling on 10 miles of paved roads. Ninety-six people die in car-related accidents. Fifteen states impose speed limits of 20 miles per hour.

In 1904 there are only three automobiles in Hollywood, California and most residents still travel via real horse power. With an improved paved infrastructure and a new rail system, horses are replaced in Hollywood by cars and a Trackless Trolley. (Dangcil. Hollywood 1900-1950, 2000) 

American workers make $12.98 per week for 59-hours work.