May 1974 Cover of Black World

Survey of Black Architects and Craftsmen published

First titled Negro Digest (1942), Black World (1961-1975) is originally a compilation of previously printed articles of interest to African America readers. Published by John H. Johnson, the magazine is similar in format to Reader's Digest. During the 1960s the magazine is often controversial and evolves into a forum for African American thought on culture and the role of Black Power. In a 1970 editorial, the publisher writes that the magazine will "routinely publish articles which will probe and report the conditions of peoples and their struggles throughout the Black World."

In 1974 Black World publishes an original article by architect and historian Richard K. Dozier surveying the history and ongoing importance of Black architects and craftsmen to the minority community and their influence on the greater American building tradition. Dozier notes the work of slave craftsmen and the founding of Tuskegee Institute in 1881 as important milestones. Though Paul Williams had recently retired from active practice, contemporary photographs of his projects illustrate the survey.