Two hippies at Woodstock Festival

Decade at a Glance

The U.S. population reaches 177,830,000. The average life expectancy for men and women is 66+ years. More than 850,000 war babies enter college. State universities, including the California system, begin huge expansion programs to accomodate the incoming war babies.

The average wage is $4,743 and a teacher's yearly salary is $5,174. The minimum wage increases to $1 per hour.

Car-related deaths increase to 21.3 per 100,000. Ralph Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed changes the public's perception of auto safety.

Social philosopher Marshall McLuhan promotes the idea of mass communication as the driving force of a new "global village."

Men's hair is longer and women's dresses are shorter. Polyester Nehru jackets, wide ties, miniskirts, go-go boots, beads and colorful t-shirts are the fashion.

The Black Panthers, the United Farm Workers Association, the hippie movement, Viet Nam War protestors and the National Organization for Women are all important catalysts for social change in the U.S. 

The publication of Rachael Carson's book Silent Spring marks the beginning of the environmental movement. 

America's Armstrong and Aldrin walk on the moon.