Young Paul R Williams

In June 1912 Paul R. Williams graduates with a class of 174 students from Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles. Polytechnic High School is described in a June 21 Los Angeles Times (1912) article as "the acme of present day high school educational results."

For the next four years he pursues a self-directed education studying architecture and improving his skills. As a member of the Los Angeles Architectural Club, he participates in the training and competitions offered through the Society of Beaux-Arts Architects (1913-1916); he studies architecture at the University of Southern California (1916-1919); he works as an apprentice in the offices of local architects and landscape designers.

Polytechnic High in 1952

Fine Send-Off to Fine Class

Los Angeles Times, June 21, 1912
Stirring Commencement of Polytechnic High.
Graduates Impressive as the Diplomas Are Given.

"The high school career of 174 young men and women of the Polytechnic High School culminated at the Auditorium last night. The summer 1912 class represents the acme of present day high school educational results."

Williams graduates with the class of 1912.